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Natalie Guttormsson

Founder, Hugsi Designs

As an entrepreneur and a mother, Natalie understands the challenges of balancing a business with family and other passions. Before starting a career in web design, she worked in retail management for over a decade, alongside freelancing as a writer for various publications.


Natalie uses her unique combination of training and experience to provide exceptional customer service and designs.

She also volunteers her time and skills in website management and content creation to organizations such as Icelandic Roots and the Snorri Programs.. In addition to computer work, Natalie is also a writer. Her favourite movie is "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and her favourite bird is, you guessed it, the raven.


What Does Hugsi Mean?

Hugsi is the Icelandic word for thoughtful.


In Norse mythology the stories say that Odinn, the all-father, had two ravens, one named Muninn or Memory, and one named Huginn or Thought. These two ravens would fly throughout the realms and return to Odinn with news and wisdom.


At Hugsi Designs we do not pretend to be all-knowing like Odinn, but we do listen and create thoughtful websites aligned with your vision and brand.