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Updated: Jan 11

Hi, my name is Natalie and I created Hugsi Designs with the goal of simplifying website talk for the everyday entrepreneur. We know that running a business is hard work, but we firmly believe that your website doesn't have to be!

I'm a writer and a mother, in addition to a web designer, so I understand the juggling act most small business owners face everyday. If you feel overwhelmed by your website and don't know where to begin to make it perform better, Hugsi is the place to go to ask questions and get easy to understand answers.

A small wooden easel with Hugsi Design's signature formula engage, inspire, convert written on it, a small succulent plant in white vase beside it.

You can hire us to design your website or give your existing website a check-up, we offer both of those services.

We focus on fine-tuning your lead capture process, boosting your SEO rankings, and maximizing the impact of your content, all using our signature Thoughtful Design Formula: Engage. Inspire. Convert.

However, if you prefer to DIY, there are many ways we can help you out for free.

  1. Sign up to get simple website tips and advice in your inbox every other week.

  2. Follow this monthly blog for deeper dives into website strategies and trends.

  3. Come ask questions over on Instagram @hugsidesigns

I love writing and I love websites, so I hope this blog helps make your life easier in some small way!

Until next time,


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